What is PAGS®?

Prior to launching, PAGS® has been piloted for 2 years in schools and colleges in the UK and Belgium with children and young adults of a neurodiverse and mainstream background (aged 5-25y). It was officially launched in July 2019 and has been presented at European Conferences, including the 12th International Autism Conference, in September 2019, France and Bett Show January 2020, London.
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PAGS® : your solution

PAGS® can generate measurable improvements within weeks and stay with the learner for as long as you need it
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PAGS® in 5 easy steps


Fill out the standardised questionnaire.  This will take around 45 minutes.


PAGS® will use your answers to automatically identify the most prominent strengths & areas for development. We use this to recommend the areas to work on.


PAGS® will automatically generate a detailed exercise program that you can use, to work and improve on the key developmental gaps identified in step 2.


PAGS® will check in with you to see how things are going.  It takes about 5 minutes to update each time.  AND you can add notes and photos or documents


You can easily share your PAGS® profile with parents, carers, teachers and psychologists. This way you can make it easier to understand your child’s personality and developmental gaps, as well as sharing important notes, pictures and achievements.

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